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“One of a kind, and magical in her own right.”

My story tells it all. Heartbreaks, challenges, and obstacles, all of which have molded me into the person that I am today. My passion for painting pictures has slowly grown into a love for painting “pictures” in the form of words and film. I want to share the untold stories of the lives of the oppressed. I want to confidently spread love and joy through thoroughly researched stories from multiple points of view. However, my journey as a journalist/blogger has only just begun. Shakir Williams. The Feminist. The Artist. The Activist. The Creator of Her Own Universe.

I love to travel and experience the beauty of the world from a different lens. Opening my heart and mind to a new world helps me gain a better, well-rounded perspective. I’ve listened to the stories of the homeless, the battered and bruised, the molested, the misunderstood, and the forgotten. With my experiences and obstacles of my own, it has allowed for an objective standpoint that wishes only to shed light on the truth.

Before my interests in storytelling began, I was an artist (am an Artist). I bought my first set of brushes in 2010. I have always had this creative spark that has just been burning into this beautiful fire. Being able to build a world outside of my own reality where I have the power to create, has been the basis of my growth as a person. When I feel alone, or down, I know I can find serenity in the power of my own mind and the freedom of my hands.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many LGBTQIA activists. I’ve listened to the stories of a community that has dealt with such hatred and discrimination as they fight for their basic human rights. I have interviewed with directors of student organizations, hosts and curators of variety shows, and other leaders of the community. I have volunteered with youth programs that offer summer lunches to those less fortunate. I’ve spoken with the successful black female business owner of the Atlanta Candy Bar to share stories of successes to my black community. My fearless, united, and powerful black community.

I have written press releases, constructed media pamphlets, designed flyers, and signage for the 2014 Atlanta Film Festival. I have designed costumes and assisted in the production of the short film, Urban Children. I have directed and produced The Fight for Gender Equality, a short news segment on the ongoing fight for gender equality in the transgender community.

As a student of Journalism and PR at Georgia State University, I have written many stories, editorials and press releases. I have also filmed, directed, produced, and edited many local news stories. I’ve spoken with the Alliance for Gender and Sexual Diversity at GSU, set up interviews with owners of local businesses, and interviewed with activist program and event coordinators. I will continue to share the stories of the lives of the oppressed. The stories that make you cry, the stories that make you happy, and the stories that spark change.

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